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The Damaging Effects of Rumors

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were just revealed. What would normally be an exciting moment for a rapidly growing fandom has become a serious point of contention. There's no offensive content in the reveal, and the game looks pretty solid. So, why are people upset? For a very dangerous reason, people feel like they didn't get something they were going to.Pokémon has never been one to adopt a system early on. When the 3DS was released, it didn't get a Pokémon game. It didn't get one until almost three years later, and the transition between DS and 3DS must be a lot more simple than that from 3DS to Switch.Nobody should have expected that there would be a Pokémon game on the Switch this early. However, due to many things piled on top of one another, people did.It all started with Eurogamer. In November, before the Switch had even been fully shown off, they reported on the existence of Pokémon Stars. It was to be a third installment in the story of the Alola region, s…