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How I Changed My Mind On The Launch Lineup and 1-2 Switch

If we're being honest, the original Nintendo Switch launch lineup was pretty weak. It featured a measly five games, two of which were third party ports that will likely not sell at all. However, in the five weeks since the Nintendo Switch was fully revealed, this lineup has grown. It's grown a lot.

 A lot of games have been added since the initial lineup. The launch that originally consisted of five games is now at least twelve games. I am Setsuna, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, World of Goo, Little Inferno, Human Resource Machine, Snipperclips, and Fast RMX have all been added to the March 3rd release day.

 The lineup in general has grown exponentially. Reddit user /u/AbsoluteMagnitude has been consistently updating the original lineup picture with every game announcement. The image above is their most recent version of the wallpaper. There are an incredibly large amount of games here, and the numbers just keep climbing.

 Due to the growing launch, I'm a lot more excite…

Why Every Nintendo Fan NEEDS To Buy 1-2 Switch

 1-2 Switch is the only Switch exclusive launch title developed by Nintendo. If that and the fact that it actually looks like a pretty fun time don't sell you, I know what might. When presented with this information, your perception on the necessity of 1-2 Switch very well may change. The reason you should buy this game is because of the Switch itself.

 I'll get to that in a second. First, let's look at the launch of the Nintendo Switch. The games confirmed to be releasing are Breath of the Wild, 1-2 Switch, Just Dance 2017, Skylanders Imaginators, World of Goo, Binding of Isaac, Little Inferno, Super Bomberman R, I Am Setsuna, and Human Resource Machine. While many of these may end up being really good games, they've almost all already been released on other consoles, or will do so simultaneously with the Switch release. The only "made for Switch" games here are Super Bomberman R...and 1-2 Switch.

Super Bomberman R looks okay, but with Konami's track rec…

Fire Emblem Heroes Is One Of The Greatest Mobile Titles Ever

Fire Emblem Heroes released today, February 2nd, on iOS and Android platforms. It is the first time the Fire Emblem series has left Nintendo hardware. As with all of Nintendo's mobile endeavors, this was a pretty risky move. Putting a complex strategy JRPG known for its difficulty and depth on a platform dominated by casual games doesn't sound like it would work, but it works so very well.

Fire Emblem Heroes features an all new story that does something fans have been craving: it connects the universes. That's right, you can assemble a team comprised of all your favorite characters from across every single game in Fire Emblem's 27-year history. But you're not the only one trying to build your perfect dream team. The Emblian empire, led by the morose princess Veronica, has developed a method of traveling between the Fire Emblem universes. They hunger for the ability to conquer any and every world they encounter, as well as to enslave those worlds' greatest warrio…