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Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

 The Nintendo Switch is rapidly approaching, and that means one thing: we're going to get a lot of new games very soon. While we can expect games like the new Mario, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, and Splatoon near or at launch, this console will hopefully last for a long time. These are just some of the games I'd hope to see on the Switch during its lifetime.

  •  A new Monster Hunter or an HD port of one of the 3DS versions

 Monster Hunter is a huge game worldwide, and it's incredibly popular in Japan. The release of Monster Hunter XX is happening near the launch of the Nintendo Switch, making a Monster Hunter title a potential launch title. Monster Hunter XX isn't the only game coming. Monster Hunter 5 has to happen eventually. Perhaps that will end up being a Nintendo Switch game.

  •  Splatwo Spla2n

 Splatoon is one of the Wii U's biggest games, and it was held back by a dead system to become even bigger. It's also pretty innovative as it's one of the only kid-friendly shooters on the market and it also attracts a competitive adult market as well. While a port of the first one seems likely near launch, a sequel has to be in the works by now. The short clip of Splatoon in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer had new hairstyles and a new tree model, perhaps that is a sequel to Splatoon. Either way, I hope the sequel is called Splatwo or Spla2n.

  •  Pokemon Stars or any other Alola Region sequel

 Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are easily the best Pokemon games in a long time. They removed HMs, introduced a beautiful new art style, came up with a wonderful story, and did so much more. I'm easily more attached to the characters and Pokemon of the Alola region than those of any other. Sun and Moon very obviously set up for a sequel with the mystery Legendary Pokemon, Necrozma and Marshadow, and the abundance of references to a Kanto postgame. While I'd love a full HD revamp of the region, a simple port with the necessary things to make it a sequel would still please me.

  • A new 2D Zelda game

 Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly excited for Breath of the Wild. That said, I've always preferred the 2D Zelda games like Link to the Past and Link Between Worlds over the 3D games. I'd love another game set in a similar setting to those games. I would like it to be a new map this time, though. Playing through the same world for a third time might be a little repetitive. I'd expect a new interesting gimmick introduced to the gameplay again as well.

  • A new 2D Metroid

(Artist: Nate Horsfall)

 Noticing a trend? Metroid is another series that became pretty different after making the jump to 3D. The 3D games are fine, and I'd be perfectly happy with a new Prime, but there's something about Super Metroid that just draws me in more. While I'd love a pixelated art style, that doesn't honestly seem like something Nintendo would do. I wouldn't want a realistic art style, even though Metroid is one of the only Nintendo properties that I think would work well with it. Nintendo has utilized many different art styles, and I'm sure they could come up with something fitting for Metroid.

 These are just five of the games I've thought of for the Nintendo Switch. What games do you want to end up on this interesting new console? Please let me know in the comments of this article or on any outlet I've shared this article on. If I get enough, I'll make a follow-up article about the most wanted games in the community.


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