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The Problem With Leaks

I love Nintendo hype just as much as the next guy. In fact, probably more. I'm always checking /r/NintendoSwitch and similar outlets. That said, there's a problem with hype culture: leaks.

If Nintendo wasn't so bad at keeping their fans updated, there might not be so many leaks. Unfortunately, Nintendo is incredibly out of touch and thinks waiting until two months before a console's launch to actually talk about it is a good idea.

The Nintendo Switch has had leaks cropping up for months now. In the early days, they were still called "NX Leaks". Now we've gotten a little bit of information from Nintendo qnd the leaks haven't let up.

Hype is a good thing. It drives sales, which Nintendo will need after the Wii U. The leaks are only supplementing the hype. There's just one problem: most of them are entirely fabricated.

Recently, there was an extensive Google Doc file released by someone called Geno. This document revealed a lot of information about the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, this info was not true. There were several inconsistencies and near-impossible statements in the document. Fellow leaker Laura Kate Dale even refuted the statements Geno made about having the same sources as her. That didn't stop many people believing this very positive article.

Now we have a problem. There's no way that the Nintendo Switch will live up to all the fake expectations that leakers have put out there. The blame will then fall on Nintendo.

False leakers obviously like Nintendo enough to come up with extensive documents about them. They don't realize that they're setting Nintendo up to fail.


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